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Here we list typical, readily observed, air conditioning system operating defects. Use the links at the left side of any of our pages to find more detailed information about these and other air conditioning system defects, as well as diagnostic and repair procedures.

Basically, air conditioning systems operate on the principles of and
Here's a simple example of evaporation. Imagine that you're swimming around in your neighbour's backyard pool on a summer day. As soon as you get out, you start to feel cooler. Why? The water on your body starts to evaporate and turns into water vapour. And as it evaporates, it draws heat away from your body, and you get goose bumps. Brrr! Now let's say your neighbour hands you a big glass of ice-cold lemonade. You take a sip and set it down on a table. After a minute or two, you notice that water has collected on the outside of the glass. This is condensation. The air surrounding the glass becomes cooler when it encounters the cold glass, and the water vapour the air is carrying condenses into water.

Both of these examples occur at normal atmospheric pressure. But higher pressures can also change a vapour (or a gas) into a liquid. For example, if you look at a typical butane cigarette lighter, you can see liquid inside it. But as soon as you push down on the button, butane gas comes out. Why? The butane is under high pressure inside the cigarette lighter. This high pressure causes the butane to take liquid form. As soon as the butane is released and it encounters normal atmospheric pressure, it turns back into a gas. Now hold the lighter as you release the gas and feel it get cold - that is because as the liquid turns to gas it requires latent heat and it draws this heat out of you hand and the environment making it feel cold.


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