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Wheel alignment and balancing is an essential part of automobile maintenance. Not only is correct wheel alignment and balancing important for safe driving but also it will extend the life of your vehicle's chains, sprockets, and belts. The investment in these basic tools will help keep your maintenance costs down. If you are looking for a way to reduce your maintenance costs, wheel alignment tools are a great investment for your garage. There are many options available for alignment tools, and depending on your needs and expertise, your choice doesn't have to be complicated. Alignment tools help you set your wheel alignment to help keep your car driving straight, making it easier and safer to drive it. Balancing tools help you maintain a smooth ride, and tire balancing is a key component of proper tire wear, making your tires last longer and ride safer.

Why Maruti Suzuki or any other manufacturers are not keeping alignment and balancing check and correct if wrong mandatory in their service check point list.
Please suggest.


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