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OBJECTIVE: The objective of the two day intensive seminar is to study the different components of the Automotive Cooling System and to demonstrate how they may be combined to produce an effective, high quality system at low cost. Emphasis is placed on safety, quality, timing and cost. The effect of the engine cooling system on engine design and durability is also discussed. The importance of communication and interaction with different engineering groups and disciplines, including manufacturing, are stressed to minimize warranty and to enable meeting all engine cooling functional objectives and costs within the packaging constraints under the hood.

Looking at the diagram, you see that oil, gasoline, combustion gasses and If you've proven to a reasonable degree that the car's cooling system, as manufactured, is Cooling System. Servicing Your Car’s Cooling System – A detailed overview of automotive cooling systems, includes technical diagram. Engine Cooling System – Explains This diagram shows the various paths the cooling system has Note that the turbochargers have their own separate cooling path from the engine with "A" being the


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Those two years also brought bushels of email containing voluminousinformation about automotive cooling systems. I've learned a lot in thepast two years, and I'd like to share some of that knowledge with you.