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Brembo P06031N Front Disc Brake Pad

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Brembo’s line of brake pads and discs are coated, slotted discs that optimize performance in wet conditions, constantly renewing friction material ensuring immediate braking response in all situations. The unique conformation of Brembo brake pads and discs ensures increased braking power during the initial stages of braking due to a higher coefficient of friction – resulting in shorter stopping distances and more effective braking action.

Las pastillas de frenos Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads, han sido desarrolladas para su uso en una amplia gama de vehículos, incluyendo modelos domésticos e importados, y ofrecen el rendimiento, confort, disminución de polvo, confiabilidad y longevidad, demandada por los conductores.


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Brembo Sport Brake Pads are designed to match the exact dimensions of original equipment with extremely tight tolerances to ensure proper fit, even wear, and absence of rattles and squeaks. A patented compound blend causes far less abrasive wear on rotors without compromising brake pad efficiency or longevity. Compared to typical original equipment, Brembo pads offer almost double the pad life, fade resistance, and consistency in maintaining the same friction level stop after stop - regardless of temperature. They also rank significantly ahead of OEM equipment in the areas of progressive control as well as grip, at the beginning of brake application all the way through to a complete stop.