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Covercraft LeBra Custom Fit Front End Cover for Chevrolet Impala - (Vinyl, Black)

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Lebra™ | car bras, front covers, hood protectors, Keep your vehicle's front end damage-free with lebra! choose a front end cover, hood protector, or any other product designed to serve for years to come.. Lebra car bras, car masks, front covers cars, Lebra car bra full front end protection for your vehicle. protects vehicle paint from common road hazards; protects against rock chips, bugs, and road tar. Car bras sale: world’ largest car bra & car cover, Colgan custom. the best looking and fitting car bra available! easy to install. colgan bras are known for setting standards by which others are measured..

Originally, car bras were designed as one-piece units, for easy installationand maximum protection. This made them easy to use at the factory test track. Over the years mask design has evolved into the two-piece style, but we still havesome patterns for older specialty vehicles that are in the one-piece design.


Features that make Colgan Car Bras the best include:

Generally speaking, we’re fans of lingerie on . But what about lingerie on cars, specifically car bras? Not. So. Much. Aside from the potential to trap moisture, scratch the paint by buffeting at speed, and create the automotive equivalent of a tan line in the finish (Hmm…another thing we find far less objectionable on a lady than we do an automobile.), it’ll also make you popular with amateur car spies who mistake your ride for a camouflaged future car (Veterans like will know better.), at least until they get tired of you unintentionally duping them. Then you won’t be so popular.