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PicassoTiles® 2 Piece Car Truck Set w/ Extra Long Bed & Re-Enforced Latch, Magnet Building Tile Magnetic Blocks -Creativity Beyond Imagination! Educational, Inspirational, Conventional,& Recreational!

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But despite an enlightened marketing approach and a studied uniqueness in styling, the Gremlin turns out to be less ef­fective than the imported cars with which it competes in several major aspects. It suffers mightily from being a small car made of big car pieces. You just can't cut 12 inches out of the wheelbase of a Hornet without drastic compromises. That is what was done with the Gremlin and, as a consequence, rear legroom is tighter than Nixon's fiscal policy. It is out of the question for adults, and even big children will complain—a VW has more useful pas­senger space. And moving the front seat forward is not the solution because you end up with the steering wheel in your chest and your head uncomfortably close to the roof. The situation is even worse with the optional bucket seats because they have thicker cushions which take up even more of the scarce interior space. The Gremlin must be considered a two-passenger car with the space in the back useful only for children. In fact, the base Gremlin is a two-passenger car, without even the pretense of a rear seat. Even Gremlins equipped with the rear seats are far better suited to car­rying cargo than extra passengers—the seat can be folded forward, like a station wa­gon's, leaving a flat area occupied only by a spare tire, which is clamped to the floor in the left rear corner. The rear window is hinged at the top and swings out for easier loading but it is still none to handy for heavy objects because of the high lift-over situation.

These Plastic Sports Car Game Pieces measure 3/4 inch x 5/16 inches. Sports Car Game Pieces are available in black, blue, green, purple, red, white, and yellow.


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