• PE 'Vintage' Coil Wire Now Available
  • PE Plain Enamel - 'Vintage' Coil Wire
  • In fact, coiling wire is wire work that is considered a form of wire wrapping.
  • Let's do some basic wire work - learn to coil wire.

Remington Industries 24SNSP 24 AWG Magnet Wire, Enameled Copper Wire, 1.0 lb., 0.0221" Diameter, 803', 3" Length, Red

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Honda Accord 1993, Ignition Coil Wire by Karlyn STI®. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste your time and gas running out to the auto parts chain store, check out our great selection of replacement ignition system parts. With just a phone call or a few clicks of the mouse you can have OE quality ignition system parts, at great prices, delivered to your door in just 1-2 days.

MSD's Replacement Spark Plug Wires and Coil Wires are made with the same Super Conductor wire as their universal and pre-made sets, just longer than normal for custom tailoring when you need that extra length.


Wire Coils - Alloy Wire International: Coils of Wire

Coil wire, or magnet wire, is a copper or aluminium wire that has been coated with insulation for protection. Coil wire is designed to convert electric energy into magnetic energy.