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Lisle 30500 CV Boot Clamp Plier

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A similar savings is possible for the do-it-yourselfer performing a CV outer boot replacement, whose price also is between $15 and $25 (according to Amazon and Kragen’s); the CV boot replacement cost figures in no other expense except the enthusiast’s tools and time. If one is handy around the garage, the cost of CV boot replacement is reduced by some 90% over the installation price as done by professionals at a garage or dealership.

If a damaged CV joint boot is caught early, simply replacing the boot and repacking the CV joint with a fresh grease is all that is usually needed. This is much cheaper than replacing the whole CV joint or drive shaft. The CV joint boot replacement costs from $180 to $350. The part is usually not very expensive, but a fair amount of labor is involved to replace it. A CV joint boot is typically sold as a kit, with a fresh grease and new clamps.


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