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Spectre Performance HPR0883B Cylindrical Air Filter

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The Hepatex J Series is a range of cylindrical air filters designed to separate particles such as bacteria, viruses or general contaminants suspended in air, compressed air or gases. Incorporating a fine dust filter JP, two HEPA filters JG and JK, and the JKG-W filter housing, Hepatex J Series is suitable for a vast field of applications, such as medical, research and industry.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,720,292 discloses another prior art structure for a cylindrical air filter of the type of the present invention. In its preferred embodiment, the housing of the '292 air filter is formed of a plastic material. A cylindrical pleated paper filter element is mounted within the housing. The pleated paper element has an open end for fluid communication with the air outlet. The open end of the filter element has a ring like end cap that is preferably made from an elastomer such as urethane foam which has a relatively soft, rubber-like consistency. The air filter element is mounted on the air outlet tube, and a seal is provided by engagement of the end cap with the tubular outlet member.


Cylinder Filter Element - Wire Mesh Filter