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EBC Brakes DP6993 6000 Series Greenstuff Truck and SUV Brake Pad

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I recalled the earlier comment about "warping weak rotors" and decided to try another brand of rotor. The rotors that I had first used with my set of EBC Green Stuff pads were made by ITT, and were purchased at a local import auto parts store that I've always had good experience with. I've purchased Brembo rotors from them, for another car, that were sold under a different brand name -- the inner packaging said Brembo, even though the outer box was labelled by a distributor, and for all that I knew, the ITT rotors were Brembos as well. But I wasn't sure, and I had written so favorably about the EBC pads that I wanted to give them another chance, this time with a known-good brand of brake rotors. So in July of 2004, I ordered a set of Brembo front rotors from Tire Rack.

I would still recommend the EBC Green Stuff pads, but I have to acknowledge that even theyare a compromise. They offer excellent braking for typical street driving, under anyweather conditions, and they are a drastic improvement from the stock pads in terms of brake dust. But if a rare pulsation in the brake pedal would be troubling to you,I'll advise sticking with either the stock pads or another semi-metalic, aftermarket pad.


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Stopping from 45 mph happens in one car length. I’ve tried going deep on off-ramps from 80 mph and I can’t even make it dramatic – the EBC Greenstuff brake pads and USR rotors reduce speed so quickly that what I thought was a really late brake seems like nothing. I’ve got to be careful with passengers in the car because they are momentarily terrified if I try one of these manoeuvres – until they see how well the vehicle decelerates.