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  • Air-Care electrostatic air filters clean the air by using static electricity - a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon
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Air-Care Zap! Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner Concentrate Makes 1.5 Gallons

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Electrostatic air filters clean the air by using safe, natural static electricity. The air that flows through a maze of static-prone fibers generates a charge which causes airborne particles to be attracted to the fibers of the filtration material where they will be held until released by washing.

The ELECTRA GOLD electrostatic air filter cleaner provides no less than 94% arrestance in a premium quality Extruded Aluminum, Gold Anodized frame. It has three layers of high arrestance material between two layers of expanded steel. It includes an Impregnated black Polypropylene EPA registered anti-microbial material to reduce mold and bacteria growth. Its centre consists of a non-woven layer, which holds debris in a tuft of fibers so that airflow is maximized. That’s why the Electra Gold model cannot be beaten.


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