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  • The Everclear motor oil brand is not new to the PQIA list of products that consumers should steer clear. Sunshine in a bottle. Sweet, boozy sunshine.

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Whereas PQIA’s recent round of sampling in the Chicago market found a number of motor oils that looked good (and there are more to report on), we also found another bad apple on the shelves. And that bad apple is Everclear. DON’T BUY The Everclear motor oil brand is not new…

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has issued a stop-sale order for three types of Everclear brand motor oil after the products failed tests for viscosity standards. Viscosity refers to the thickness of the oil offered for sale, and its ability to protect against engine wear.


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Everclear of Ohio develops its high-quality motor oil and lubricants from recycled oil, reformulated and refined to suit a variety of needs. With Everclear bar and chain lubricant, chainsaws last longer; the lubricant protects equipment from rust and corrosion and gives it a high tackiness that reduces sling, as well as lubricity to maintain an overall low temperature. Everclear industrial fuel oil uses engineered fuel oils as a cost-effective means to manage industrial fueling, with a high carbon content and BTU value and a low amount of sulfur and a low pour point. Furthermore, Everclear motor oil is produced with high-quality petroleum feedstock, allowing car engines to run more smoothly in a broad range of temperatures and cutting down on oxidation and the buildup of deposits.