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Orion Motor Tech Portable Multi-mode Battery Charger for Tender Motorcycle Car Boat ATV, 12V/1.2A

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The Exide EP 12V -7Ah battery has been made with superior corrosion-resistant lead calcium tin alloy. The ABS plastic and flame-retardant container helps in making it efficient and long-lasting. It has a length of 151 mm, width of 65 mm and a height of 94 mm up to the lid. Furthermore, it is only 2.2 kg in weight. Furthermore, the Absorbant Glass Mat technology makes it even more useful.

The Exide EP 12V -7Ah battery has a unique gas recombination technology that effectively cancels out the generation of gas during use. Since it does not emit any gas, it can be placed adjacent to the UPS system or any other electronic equipment, ensuring minimal voltage drop.


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