• - The flywheel reinstalled:
  • That should do it. You now have a brand new clutch and flywheel installed on your car and possibly more if you went with new axles.
  • The Monster Sport Flywheel installation kit ensures an easy installation of your new Monster Sport light weight flywheel.
  • Clutch and Flywheel Installation - Advance Auto Parts Video

Proform 66519K Harmonic Balancer Install Tool LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 & Flywheel Holder

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To remove it, take a punch and gently tap it out with a hammer. Lightly oil the pilot bearing surface on the flywheel before installing a new pilot bearing. Find a socket that is the same diameter as the outside of the new pilot bearing. You want to only exert force on the outside ring of the bearing. Applying force anywhere else on the bearing could ruin it. Use your new socket and a hammer to gently tap the new bearing into the flywheel. Check the alignment of the socket before each strike of the hammer to make sure you don't damage the bearing. Keep tapping on the socket until the bearing bottoms out in the flywheel.

15.  Clean the threads on the crankshaft and install the washer and nut using red Loktite and torque to 190NM or 140FtLbs. If you have purchased our flywheel nuts install one and torque it properly, then install the second. Once again, make sure you use red Loktiteon both nuts.


Clutch and flywheel install- April 2008