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Moog ES80755 Tie Rod End

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Most FORD F250 vehicles use permanently lubed tie rod ends that can not be lubricated. Aftermarket replacement tie rod ends often come with lubrication fittings. If your car has lubrication fittings, the tie rod end should be lubricated at every oil change. Tie rod ends, along with other suspension components, should be inspected annually. FORD F250 tie rod ends can be checked for play. Methods to check excessive play and amount of play vary; you should follow the manufactures procedures and specifications.

With use FORD F250 tie rod ends wear out causing play between the ball and socket joint. The most common vehicle symptoms associated with worn tie rod ends are wandering, uneven tire wear, and erratic steering. On vehicles equipped with rack and pinion steering worn inner tie rods may cause a clunking noise that can be felt in the steering wheel.


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