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At this time we do not have any used Ford Prefect engines listed in our online inventory. We encourage you to place a to see if our member salvage yards have the engine you need in stock.

We can help you find the Ford Prefect engine you need fast and cost effectively. Even if you don't see your engine listed in our catalog, we probably have it in our inventory ready to ship or we can find it in an auto auction. Our large network of auto recyclers, salvage yards and wrecking yards across the country dismantle daily hundreds of damaged cars and trucks. So our inventory is refreshed daily. We will locate any engine, transmission or used part that you need and offer you the best warranty in the used parts industry. Once you supply the VIN (vehicle Identification Number) of your car or truck, we will match the exact engine for your Ford Prefect automobile and get back with you with a price quote. When buying a used Ford Prefect engine you may get the engine accessories, manifold and sometimes with the gear - it will vary with one dismantling to another.


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