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Prime Choice Auto Parts HB613123PR Front Hub Bearing Assembly Pair


If you have any product inquires or would like additional information about our 4Runner, GX470, GX460, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Tundra or Sequoia front hub wheel bearing assemblies please contact us .

A wheel hub itself rarely has problems because it is simply a block of steel. The most common reason why a front wheel hub needs to be replaced is due to wheel bearing failure. Wheel bearings can fail because of age, dirt, and water contamination, or improper installation in the case of a two-piece hub and bearing assembly. A worn out front wheel bearing will usually make a grinding noise, which is more noticeable when turning in the direction of the side with the worn hub. Another reason why a wheel bearing and hub assembly will need to be replaced is if an ABS sensor built into the hub itself and is not working. When this happens, even if you have a perfectly good working hub, the entire front wheel hub and bearing assembly will need to be replaced.


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