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DEWALT DWMT70773L 1/2-Inch Square Drive Impact Wrench-Heavy Duty

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Ingersoll-Rand’s middle of the range heavy duty tool is the IR-261. It is a 3/4-Inch Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench that claims to be in the style of a compact tool. This wrench is almost 9 inches long which does not make it the most compact in the class of heavy duty air powered torque wrenches. It also sits on the scale at a total weight of 12.4 lbs which again questions the meaning of compact as this tool is over double the weight of the lightest heavy duty air powered torque wrench.
The IR-261 requires an air consumption of 9.5 CFM which means that a high end air compressor is required. It does however converst that air consumption in to a huge 1,100 lbs/ft of maximum torque whilst obtaining a head speed of 5,500RPM with no-load attached. The drive control features variable speeds in forward motion as well as in reverse. The tool can be set to deliver 1,000 hammer impacts per minute or used as a torque wrench with a working torque of between 200 and 900 lbs/ft. The IR-261 wrench also features like a very convenient handle exhaust which allows debris to be aimed away as well as a low noise level output of 98.1dB. The mechanism is also very durable and is built with pressure-feed lubrication system.

The Ingersoll-Rand IR-2141 is the most compact 3/4-Inch Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench. It stands just over 8 inches. This is combined with a weight of just 7lbs making this tool a piece of tool engineering excellence. The winner of this tool manufacturing is the consumer that can benefit from the full power of a huge tool with the size of a compact wrench.


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