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2003-2008 Honda Pilot TAILGATE Shocks LIFTGATE Tail Gate Hatch TRUNK (Pair / 2pc / Pack of 2)

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The Honda Civic Shock Absorber is a part of your vehicle's suspension system. Its primary function is to dampen the vibrations and shocks caused when the automobile rides over bumps or rough terrain. It ensures a smooth ride and better handling, and keeps the suspension from wearing out prematurely. Automotive shock absorbers work on the hydraulic principle. The shocks are filled with either a hydraulic fluid or gas that absorbs the movements of the suspension spring and prevents the tires from lifting off the road surface. The shock absorber converts the energy absorbed from the springs into thermal energy that is dissipated through the hydraulic fluid. A piston attached to the top of the cylinder moves up and down, based on the suspension movement. As the piston moves, the fluid is forced out through orifices, which along with the check-valves, limit the amount of fluid that flows through the piston. This slows down the piston movement and thereby, the suspension and spring movement. Based on their construction, they are classified as twin-tube or mono-tube shock absorbers. If you hear a knocking noise or find that your suspension bounces more than necessary while driving over a bump, it's a possibility that your shock absorbers are not doing their job efficiently. Replacing a damaged shock absorber should be a priority to prevent your suspension from sustaining further damage.


Honda Civic Shock Absorber Wagon With Sealed Strut - Rear

Note: Honda shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs. Carefully lift the vehicle using an approved automotive lift. Remove the wheel that corresponds with the shock that is going to be replaced. Follow the vehicle manufacturer's service information and remove the shock absorber from the vehicle. Inspect the shock mounting points on the vehicle for wear or damage and make repairs as necessary. Install the new Honda shock absorber. Reinstall the wheel and torque the lug nuts to the correct torque specification.