• Hybrid turbocharger
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  • Hybrid Turbocharger with Electric Assist function and VTI(MET66MAG-VTI)
  • Hybrid turbocharger

Brand New T3/T4 48 Trim .63 A/R T04e Hybrid Turbo Turbocharger 300-400 Hp - BuyAutoParts 40-30576HP New

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TURBONETICS presents a complete line-up OF T3/T4 HYBRID turbochargers consisting of a T3 turbine section, (standard, Stage II or Stage III trim) and a T4 compressor section (T04B trim or T04E trim). The T3/T4 HYBRID’s offers the low inertia and fast boost response of the light weight T3 turbine wheel and the high airflow characteristics of the T4 compressor family, making the T3/T4 HYBRID the turbo of choice for high performance “import” applications.

RB Turbo LLC is a St. Louis, Missouri based business who strives to provide high quality ingenuitive Hybrid Turbocharger upgrade solutions at an affordable cost. RB Turbos’ personal philosophy is that "if it costs more, it has to be better;" but has worked vigorously to defy that logic and provide superior, refined products at highly competitive rates. RB Turbo takes great pride in each product and has a sincere concern for every customer by supplying them with the "best bang for their buck." The RB Turbo stance is very simple...


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The Focus RS Mk2 Stage 2 Hybrid Turbocharger (LOBA equiv) product has been listed by Pumaspeed as fitting the following vehicles: