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Prince B300480ABAAA07B Double-Acting Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinder, Clevis Mounting, Painted, 3" Bore, 48" Stroke, 1-3/8" Rod Diameter, 3/4"-16 Thread, #8 SAE Port

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The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) has standardized the dimensions of hydraulic tie rod cylinders. This enables cylinders from different manufacturers to interchange within the same mountings. Tie rod style cylinders can be completely disassembled for service and .

The new Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinder Catalog (RA17000/02.2013) by , Bethlehem, Pa., features 256 pages of products for the fluid power industry. CDT1 and CGT1 medium-duty cylinders, along with the CDT3, CGT3 and CST3 “Z” series of metric ISO cylinders are listed. The CDT4, CGT4, and CST4 Heavy Duty/Linear Position Cylinders are displayed through technical specs, service manuals, and data sheets. Visit the company’s industrial Web site to download the free PDF catalog.


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