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Kleen Wheels 2279 Brake Dust Shield for Dodge RAM

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WHAT ARE KLEEN WHEELS?Kleen Wheels is the well recognized trade name for a patented brake dust shield. A dust shield is nothing more than an INSIDE HUBCAP which fits into the inside of the wheel preventing the unsightly black brake dust from flowing outward onto the outside surface of an alloy or steel wheel. Installation is simple, no special tools needed.

Kleen Wheels are not to be confused with another type of product, since discontinued, a dust cover which completely covered the rotor and caliper. It was kind of a half a rubber football type of affair which really did a good job of keeping in the dust...and also the heat. Kleen Wheels are not to be confused with this earlier type of product! Kleen Wheels are not in any way to be considered a brake product, but merely a wheel accessory because it fits inside the wheel.


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The most common question is why certain Kleen Wheels parts don't fit on the car. These questions can come about because of rushed and careless reading of the Application List. The common misconception is that the Kleen Wheels fit on the hub of the car. Kleen Wheels are not made to fit the car - but moreover they are made to fit the wheel as though it were an inside hubcap for the wheel! The first question one must ask is - What kind of a wheel are we fitting... A factory wheel or an aftermarket wheel? Once you have identified the exact wheel you are dealing with, consult the Application Guide.