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LeBra Front End Cover Ford Mustang - Vinyl, Black

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LeBra Hood Protectors - Thestylish way to protect your vehicle's hood. Protects vehicle paint from commonroad hazards. Attractive midnight black leather grain vinyl. Glove like, aerodynamiclook Molds to the contours of your vehicle's hood.


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LeBra car bras are designed to add protection and style to the front end of your vehicle in all weather conditions. The LeBra car bras are custom tailored to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. This car bra's outer layer is designed to be breathable and will dry as you drive. The inner layer of these car bras are extremely gentle and safe to use on any paint finish.

The vinyl material used on these car bras are highly UV resistant and won't crack or fade with time. The straps used to fasten these car bras are made out of highly softened nylon, and are attached to plastic hooks. The fastening system is going to keep these car bras securely in place without causing any damage.

The LeBra car bras are available in 1 or 2 piece designs depending on your make and model of vehicle. This car bra is going to protect your front end from rocks, dirt, bugs and any other flying debris. Help sustain the value of your vehicle as well as enhance the looks with a LeBra car bra. Made by Covercraft.