• Cops will lock your car doors in this Florida town
  • Deputies caution people to lock car doors
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The debate about locking your car doors while you’re driving is destined to continue. People on both sides seem to have their reasons, and it doesn’t look like either side is going to budge anytime soon. The good thing about this debate is that it shows that people think about how they can make driving safer, and everyone can agree on that being a good thing.


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I would vote in favor of locking the car doors. When I was a freshmen in college, I was riding through town with another student. The doors were unlocked and a drunk jumped into the back seat at an intersection. He demanded that we drive him to a town 50 miles away. We were about 15 miles out of town when the drunk told us to stop so he could go to the bathroom. He got out and was urinating while he hung onto the back door. My friend floored the accelerator and we left him at the side of the road. Several years later, I was on my way to the university I attended for graduate work. I was stopped at an intersection and a man tried to get into the car. I had the doors locked and when the light turned green, I took off and he let go of the door handle pretty quickly.