• What is Part Delivery? definition and meaning
  • Definition of part delivery: nouna delivery that contains only some of the items in an order
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Save time and gain convenience with our delivery service designed to support the smooth running of your air operation. We can transport fuel drums to remote sites as well as provide fast, efficient and reliable parts delivery.

Enterprise will suggest part delivery where insufficient stock exists. Enterprise as stock management software solution will also handle the number of packages in the shipment. The Delivery is in fact a twostage process. When first created, the Delivery is editable, and the Enterprise Form associated with the Delivery is a Picking List - effectively this is a request to deliver goods. Ticking a checkbox is all that is required to commit the Delivery, thereby making it not editable. The Form associated with a committed Delivery is a Delivery Note. Ticking this checkbox reduces stock levels, and performs the real-time accounting discussed below (if this has been configured to be posted from the Delivery rather than the Invoice).


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At OOTB, this provided us the opportunity to develop of business model that enabled OOTB to become the auto salvage/scrap auto parts delivery service of choice. Our superior customer service is paramount to our success. More importantly, our attention to detail in the process of inspecting and packaging each and every product we deliver makes our clients shine as we deliver perfectly safe, and expedient auto parts. We are on time. Every time. Your auto parts arrive safely. Every time. Our customer service is superior. Every time.