• Figure 1. Parts of an Alternator
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Like all electrical parts, the alternator is connected to various systems by wires and cables. These wires can become loose and restrict the flow of electricity from the alternator. Therefore, before blaming the internal parts of an alternator, check the wires and cables. Loose connections induce the alternator to deliver more power than usual causing the wires to burn, thereby emitting a burnt odor. This can be often identified by headlights that project a brighter beam than usual.

Alternators produce AC power through formed through the stator and rotor relationship that we'll touch on later in the article. The electricity is channeled into the battery, providing voltage to run the various electrical systems. Before we learn more about the mechanics of the alternator and how it generates , let's look at the various parts of an alternator in the next section.


Notes: PARTS: Part included with alternator