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MTC 8663 / 12307-20021 Engine Shock (12307-20021 MTC 8663)


The Chic-Choc Mountains, often called Shick Shocks in English, is a group of mountains in the central Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec, Canada. It is a part of the Notre Dame Mountains, which is a continuation of the Appalachian Mountains. They are heavily eroded, with flat tops and steep sides. Over 25 mountains have peaks higher than 1 km; the highest is Mont Jacques-Cartier at 1,268 metres (4,160 ft). Caribou can be found in the plateaus of this region.

The DOE/NETL Design Review concluded that the Ramgen shockwave based engine was feasible. There has been strong additional evidence since that review supporting this conclusion, including a proof-of-concept demonstration of an early version of the system. Working from what has been learned from developing shock wave based air and CO compressors, and from the successful demonstration of Advanced Vortex Combustion (AVC), Ramgen is now positioned to combine supersonic shock compression and AVC to produce a working design of the ISCE.


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