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If you're going as fast as the cars, pull into line with them. When riding down a hill at high speed, you need more room to steer and brake. Besides, it's dangerous to ride along next to the right side of a car. The driver could turn right or edge closer to the curb without ever seeing you. The safest position in traffic doesn't depend on whether you're riding a bicycle or driving a car. It depends on how fast you're going and where you're headed.

Knowing which side of a car is the left and right side remains important for many reasons. This prevents vehicle owners from ordering the wrong part, saving both time and money. This also goes for parts on the front and back end of a vehicle, as typically front and rear parts can differ. If unsure as to the correct part to buy, shoppers can consult an automotive specialist for information on the correct part to purchase, as well as for information on how to properly care for a vehicle.


Driver's side & Passenger side, left or right