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All of us, in every culture everywhere, had ancestors who were hunters if we go back far enough. In doing soul retrieval work, the shamanic practitioner teams up with the spirits who assist them, then they go to work together, tracking the lost soul parts much like hunters.

And this is where spirit medicine has something important to offer the psychotherapeutic paradigm. Psychologists and psychiatrists know about dissociation, but where do the dissociated parts go? In doing soul retrieval, the shamanic healer and their spiritual assistants locate the lost soul parts in the Lower, Middle, or Upper Worlds of the Spirit World.

It is certainly within the power of the individual to release any soul parts they may have because of soul sharing. See Below for more information about .


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My soul parts aren't doing anything...
That's right, they don't do things. Soul parts can't make things happen. You do things because you are the person with power in the present moment. The soul parts bring you information--information you need to know what to do to complete your integration.