• 1989 Firebird GTA Turbo Trans Am Pace Car Edition
  • 1989 Firebird GTA Turbo Trans Am Pace Car Edition
  • TA Performance Turbo Buick Y-Pipe for 3
  • 1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 TA Turbo 383 LT1

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Ionic Air Purifier


These numbers are with 112-octane VP racing fuel. To accommodate the vagaries of street gas, Duttweiler recommends a less-aggressive spark curve for a daily driver, which'll set you back 100 hp (reducing output to 600 hp in the configuration shown here). However, the initial dyno runs indicated the as-installed turbos were slightly restrictive on the exhaust side, and as we go to press, new turbos were on the way that should up power by another 100 hp or so. That's 800-plus horsepower on race gas, and back to the 700hp level for the street.

"Jim Hand lives near me and I admire this guy like you wouldn't believe. He has spent an immense amount of time researching and sciencing out his wagon and it is an amazing machine," Brad explained. "The thing is, I didn't have the resources or time to research my particular combination out like that. What I set out to do is to take this turbo that I bought on eBay and see how much power I could get out my 455 with a simple installation and have it live. I wasn't concerned about wringing out the last ounce of power because I knew it would cost a lot more money and get much more complicated."


Trans Am Turbo Charger Kit to customize your Pontiac