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Tears of Light can be found in the , the , and in the . Each province has 16 Tears of Light to be collected, while only 12 must be collected in . However, the Tears of Light can only be found in one province at a time. The Spirit that requires them only marks the Tears on the map that reside within its province.

In , the Tears of Light are stored within the . They are needed to revive the and dispel the to return the land to its light-abundant state. can only collect the Tears in due to them being manifested within that can only be detected upon the activation of his Wolf Senses. After a Shadow Insect is defeated, it will reveal its Tear of Light within. Commonly, these Shadow Insects exist in pairs, making it easier for Link to locate the Tears. To aid in his search, each Spirit marks the location of each Tear on Link's map. As the game progresses, the distances between their locations and time spent collecting them increases. After filling the Vessel of Light with Tears, Link is immediately transported to the and the spirit is awakened.


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