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  • Removing the Old Car Battery

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Before replacing a car battery, rubber gloves, a wrench, rags, baking soda, water, and a stiff bristled brush should be on hand. Wearing rubber gloves while removing the old battery and installing the replacement car battery protects the skin from battery acid, which can cause serious burns. Disconnecting the negative cable first is extremely important, as removing the positive cable first could start a fire. Using a sturdy wrench to completely loosen the clamps attached to the battery terminals makes it easier to pull the clamps off the battery and remove it from the car. Before taking out the old battery, the way it is facing should be noted to ensure proper installation of the new one.


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Being stranded with a dead car battery is a huge inconvenience. However, a stranded driver can jump-start the car battery in just a few minutes with some jumper cables and the vehicle of a Good Samaritan....