• Set of (4) Tokico HP shock absorbers.
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  • Tokico HPK Shock/Spring Acura Integra Lowering Kit (94-01) HPK201

Tokico HU3456 HP Front Right Strut

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The company offers a variety of improved OE-type shocks, high-performance shocks, and a range of adjustable ultra-performance shocks. Tokico shocks can offer an excellent upgrade to almost any stock suspension system. They feature precision valving and pressurized gas charging systems that can provide only the finest satisfaction to those drivers who use them. Tokico shocks absorb a certain amount of energy on both the inward and outward portions of the suspension sway travel. This in itself helps your auto’s wheels to keep good contact with the road while offering comfortable ride.

Tokico's focus is on building performance shocks for sport-compacts and full-size cars. For versatile fine-tunable performance, choose the adjustable Tokico Illumina Shocks and enjoy a smooth street feel or more aggressive track performance. Or pick up a set of Tokico HP Shock Absorbers. These shocks (affectionately called Tokico Blues by performance enthusiasts) feature micro-polished piston rods and Teclon-coated bushings for virtually zero friction and super-smooth action. Both shock styles are also available in full kits, like the Tokico HP Kit or the Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit, which include four shocks and a full set of lowering springs.


Tokico HP Shock Absorbers and Strut Assemblies

The Tokico HPK Shock and Spring kit is the most popular way to lower your car and replace all 4 shocks and springs at the same time. Our customers love this kit because it offers the very best in ride and handling. Many times when you lower your car on stock shocks, the ride is not good because the shock can't withstand the added spring rate of the lowering springs. The shocks end up blowing out. The Tokico HPK kit fixes that problem by including 4 brand new Tokico HP Blue shocks along with 4 lowering springs to give your car a whole new ride, lowered stance, and much better handling.