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  • The TrailMaster Mini XRX GoKart has everything parents want for their kids first ride including rugged durabilityand safety features.
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TrailMaster has finally entered the SidexSide market with the new Taurus 400 UTV, featuring a beefy 400cc, water-cooled engineand selectable 2WD/4WD. The CVT automatic transmission sports High and Low gearing plus reverse. Use the powerful Low gear and the included3000 lbs. electric winch for heavy-duty chores around the farm or house. The Taurus' fully independent suspension system helps it keep allfours on the ground no matter how rough the terrain, and allows for shaft drive rear wheels with differential for enhanced traction on loosetrails like mud, snow and gravel. Large 25 inch, all-terrain tires offer excellent grip and long life.

The new TrailMaster 150 XRS buggy gokart has 12 Months Engine Manufacture Defected Warranty and 3 Months Manufacture Defected Parts Warranty Coverage. See more details about


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Trailmasters have shipped with a variety of different sheaths over the years; this one came with a Secure-Ex sheath which I felt was a pretty good. The sheath can be worn on a belt or has several slots and holes along the edge that could be used to secure it a pack or other mounting surface. The knife fits snuggly into the sheath and audibly snaps into the secure position; while I couldn't be sure, the knife blade seemed to make slight contact with the sheath if not carefully removed which might of been why the blade needed an initial touchup.