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take the ruber intake pipe off the front of your turbo, its under all the plastic parts. reach in with your fingers and Check that the turbo spins freely without resistance. best to check this when its warm, use a thick glove so you don't burn your fingers. metal grows when it gets hot. sealing rings grow in diameter, bearing clearance increases, the shaft gets longer. etc... if it's spinning free but has alot of play in the bearings that means more oil is passing through these clearances and eventualy into the manifolds.. the bottom line is that nobody knows for sure what is causing your particular oil consumption, if you have a pan leak or what... you need to get either envolved in locating any leaks, have the engine checked for compression to see if your pullin too much from the piston rings, have your turbo checked out...

If you notice any of the , then get your turbo checked as soon as possible. Your turbocharger isn’t going to repair itself, and the longer you leave it, the worse (and more expensive) the problem will get!


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