• Disconnected XREAS:
  • 4.0, AUTO, 4X4, SR5 w/X-REAS (cross-linked shocks, XREAS emblem on gate), 4x4, R.
  • KAWS X REAS Back. Interesting sculpture design collaboration.
  • KAWS X REAS Front. Interesting sculpture design collaboration.

Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit for Toyota 4Runner 4WD 2003-09 - Includes Front Ride Height Adjustable Shocks # 24-239370 & Rear Shocks # 33-187174 ***Excludes adjustable (X-REAS) suspension***

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I disconnected my XREAS lines, capped them and installed OME shocks and coils. Later I pulled all the tubes off because the OME setup is so much better than XREAS that I knew I wasn't going back.

thanks- 03 4runner V8 sport Its not bad at all. I helped another person on this forum do it and it wasn't a big deal. Another option is to remove the xreas lines from the struts and shocks and cap them with a fitting cap and tie the whole system up to the frame with wire ties or something of that nature. Not as clean but it will work.


XREAS Suspension? - Toyota 4Runner Forum

Front looks alot taller than the rear right now Wow, I'd say that's a mix up. What did they do with your XREAS? I take it you thought it was a spacer lift?How much did you pay? That's the Toytec Ultimate lift I believe. Did they change the rear springs too(they will be red instead of black)