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Hayden Automotive 512 High Performance Transmission Cooler

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Xterra Performance Parts add horsepower to your car, making it faster from 0-60 and the quarter mile. Every modification you do to your car make the car more enjoyable to drive. Xterra Performance Parts can add as little as 1hp and up to hundreds of hp depending on what type of upgrade you choose from. Some Xterra Performance Parts such as chips can be installed in minutes adding horsepower and torque. Performance Pulleys are also a good horsepower upgrade to add to your list of upgrades. Turbo Timers are essential for turbo's during summer time conditions when your engine can be really hot.

Comfort, style, performance and freedom are features you’d associate with the Xterra. It’s one of the most powerful, comfortable and luxurious cars ever produced by Nissan. This car is quite useful as you can drive it to work on a daily basis and still go for adventures in the wilderness using the same car. For ultimate performance, buy high quality and genuine Nissan Xterra performance parts and enjoy the results. The performance parts are intended to boost the power and efficiency of the engine. They include the cooling systems, suspension systems, exhaust systems, , brakes, ignition systems, transmission components, engine components and air filters among others. We source the performance parts from the most respected and trusted names in the industry. You can therefore rest assured of reliability and durability of the items that we sell to you. The manufacturers use skills and latest technology to design and craft the performance parts so that they match the exact specifications of your car. The products also fit and function exactly like the standard ones.


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